Mobile Harbour Cranes

Mobile Harbour Cranes

Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes

Uncompromisingly Versatile

Maximum mobility, compact design, ready for use at any accessible point in the terminal – Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes mounted on rubber-tyred chassis are an outstanding feature of cargo handling: 

  • designed to handle all forms of cargo (containers, bulk, general and project cargoes)
  • with radii of up to 56 metres and lifting capacities of up to 200 tonnes to ensure maximum versatility 
  • conceived for use in both universal and special-purpose terminals.

Ready for Use at any Accessible Point in the Terminal

Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes are adapted to cope with the tough conditions encountered in ports. The innovative, robust axle concept, which enables all the axles to be individually steered and includes large tyres and vertical compensation of up to +/- 250 mm, provides the following benefits: 

  • easy manoeuvrability through bottlenecks
  • easily surmounts obstacles, rails and uneven terrain
  • crab steering and remarkably tight turning circle to enable accurate positioning on the quayside 
  • safe and reliable travel to the next quay even in storm-force winds.

The Benefits of a Tyre-Mounted Chassis

  • Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes offer flexible, high-performance solutions for equipping new terminals and for extending and refurbishing existing installations.
  • Being able to travel within the site quickly and easily to its new location guarantees optimum mobility, reduces the number of cranes required at the terminal and saves investment costs in rails and other quayside infrastructures. 
  • Diesel-electric drives offer not only a high degree of reliability coupled with low operating and maintenance costs, it also makes the crane independent of external energy sources. As an option, it is, however, possible to switch over to an external electricity supply.

The Foundation of Success

Introduced to the market in 1956 as an industry first, the proven technology of Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes on rubber-tyred chassis forms the basis for the other harbour crane types,  Gottwald Portal Harbour Cranes and Gottwald Floating Cranes. By early 2008, Gottwald had sold some 1,300 Harbour Cranes and commissioned them in more than 90 different countries, while continuing to develop the technology,

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