Model 4

Compact, Functional and High-Performance

Designed in a compact and functional manner, the Harbour Crane Model 4 extends the existing model range of the Generation 5 in the 100-tonne segment downward. The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 100 tonnes, a working radius of up to 46 metres and the usual high crane classifications such as A7 for a 40-tonne grab curve or A8 for a 34-tonne grab curve.

The crane thus meets the requirements of universal and special terminals and can serve ships up to the Panamax class. At the same time, Model 4 is attractive for terminals that, on account of their size and development potential, are already anticipating larger cargo-handling volumes and increasing annual operating hours for discharging equipment.



With the Model 4, Gottwald is presenting cargo-handling equipment that ranks eminently among the range of models in Generation 5, and in addition to its compact overall design, offers many versatile benefits in its application: As versatile as possible, no larger than necessary.


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Technical Data:
Max. lifting capacitiessee table below
Dimensions and Weight
Radius11 - 46 m
Boom pivot point16.7 m
Tower cab (crane operator eye level)19.1 m
Propping base13.0 m x 12.5 m
Chassis in travel mode16.3 m x 9.0 m
Weight (approx.)360 t
Hoisting Heights
Above quay level42.0 m (44.0 m*)
Below quay level12.0 m
Travel Gear
Steered axles6
Driven axles2
Crab steering25°
Working Speeds and Drive Power
Hoisting/loweringsee table below
Slewing0 - 2.0 rpm
Luffing0 - 80 m/min
Travelling0 - 80 m/min
Diesel engine powersee table below

* for the G HMK 4306 B four-rope grab variant




VariantMax. Lifting Capacity
Max. Hoisting Speed [m/min]Hoist ConfigurationDiesel Engine
Power [kW]
7075901001 x 22 x 2750895
G HMK 4306       
G HMK 4406      
G HMK 4306 B       

** heavy lift (above), 4-rope grab variant (below)
1 x 2 = one 2-rope hoist
2 x 2 = two 2-rope hoists

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