Model 7

Harbour Crane Model 7
Handling Performance with no Compromises

Designed to be extremely robust, Model 7 Harbour Cranes are intended for high-performance applications and, as a consequence, very high handling rates – assured by lifting capacities of up to 140 tonnes, working radii of up to 51 m and very high hoisting speeds of up to 120 m/min. Added to this are the usual high crane classifications, such as A7 for a 57-tonne grab curve or A8 for a 50-tonne grab curve.

This technological concept makes Model 7 cranes suitable not only for universal terminals of all sizes but also – and in particular – for special purpose terminals frequented by Post-Panamax class container vessels and bulk carriers up to Capesize where high annual working volumes are achieved. Harbour Cranes such as the Model 7 series – uncompromising high-performance machines with long service lifetimes and universal characteristics – give a considerable boost to the machinery capabilities of such terminals.

Their application range includes, in particular:

  • intensive, fast container handling, including Twinlift operation
  • long-term, fast bulk handling with a 4-rope grab
  • efficient handling of heavy project cargoes.

Technical Data Model 7


Lifting Capacitiessee table below
Dimensions and Weight
Radius11 - 51 m
Boom pivot pointStandard tower 23.2 m
Short tower 20.2 m
Tower cab (crane operator eye level)Standard tower 26.5 m
Short tower 23.5 m
Propping base15.0 m x 13.0 m
Chassis in travel mode19.3 m x 9.6 m
optional 19.3 m x 8.3 m
Weight (approx.)480 t
Hoisting Heights
Above quay level40.0 m (38.0 m*) (46.0 m**)
Below quay level12.0 m
Travel Gear
Steered axles8
Driven axles2
Crab steering25°
Working Speeds
Hoisting/loweringsee table below
Slewing0 - 1.6 rpm
Luffing0 - 80 m/min
Travelling0 - 80 m/min
Diesel Engine Powersee table below

* for the G HMK 7608 variant
** for the G HMK 7408 B variant

VarianteMax. Lifting Capacities
Max. Hoisting Speed
Diesel Engine
Power [kW]
75901001101201 x 21 x 42 x 28951,112
G HMK 7308
G HMK 7408
G HMK 7608
G HMK 7408 B

*** Heavy lift (above), 4-rope grab variant (below)
1 x 2 = one 2-rope hoist
1 x 4 = one 4-rope hoist
2 x 2 = two 2-rope hoists

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