Stationary Material Handlers

Stationary Material Handlers

Stationary Material Handlers

Extreme Efficiency with Rugged Reliability

Terex Fuchs Stationary Material Handlers have been designed to provide excellent cost-efficiency with exceptional reliability. The solidly built Terex Fuchs AHL Series machines' conclusive performance levels and reliability record maintain the legendary Terex Fuchs reputation.

As stationary material handlers used in construction are most commonly positioned to feed processing plants incorporating shredders, scrap shears or presses, Terex Fuchs stationary material handlers were designed to easily utilize the electrical power supply available at such facilities to power the machines. Using the large electric motors available offers a wide range of benefits. Firstly, the relatively higher costs incurred through the use of expensive diesel generator sets and corresponding cooling units are eliiminated. Maintenance costs arising from the use of the electrical unit are comparatively low, since neither engine oil nor coolant requires monitoring or re-filling. The downtime usually required for the cleaning of oil and air filters is eliminiated as well. In addition, electric power is environmentally friendly, since it does not give rise to emissions or the noise pollution caused by loud fans. All this means you can spend more time on task, and spend less on maintenance.

Operator comfort contributes to performance levels and safety – even in stationary material handlers. The spacious fully equipped operator’s cab, incorporating state-of-the-art controls, such as supplementary video surveillance, provides everything needed for safe, productive and stress-free operation.

Electric drives – maximized output for hydraulic functions

High-performance electric motors guarantee smooth operation of your Terex Fuchs Stationary Material Handler and offer numerous advantages:

  • no re-fuelling interruptions
  • no expenditure on engine oil
  • no intensive maintenance of coolers or filters

The standard main drive provides an output of 110 kW, which is exclusively available for hydraulic functions.

Terex Fuchs AHL Series drives in summary:

AHL 820AHL 831AHL 840AHL 850AHL 860AHL 880
75 KW110 KW110 KW132 KW160 KW250 KW
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