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Smag Grabs

Smag Grabs (1)


SMAG and its brand, PEINER, lead the world in grabs for loading and unloading seagoing freighters. These grabs are capable of handling any type of bulk good such as sand, gravel, or coal, and also refuse, scrap, and agricultural commodities. The company also manufactures spreaders for lifting containers as well as specialist slewing units for turning cargo into position.

PEINER's many years of experience in tried and trusted development and manufacturing capability give PEINER equipment users top quality together with proven technology.

Grabs and spreaders are mainly used in ports and ships for loading and unloading seagoing cargo.

SMAG provides:

  • Designs to customer specification, including volume and unladen weight
  • Particularly environmentally friendly components - dust guards, specialised grab lips, bio-oil
  •  Maintenance-free grab design
  •  Fast spare-parts delivery across the world
  • Service and consultation around the clock, also via worldwide service offices
  • Assembly and commissioning by SMAG's specialist technicians
  • Operator training
  • Acceptance testing including certification by all major classification companies such as LRS, GL, DNV, ABS, and others

Apart from quality levels that have made PEINER the first choice in grabs, SMAG gives you the advantage of a worldwide service sales network - grabs are not only available at any location across the globe, but can also be repaired rapidly and without long, expensive downtimes; there are always experts and spare parts nearby.

Motor Grabs

Motor Orange Peel Grab

  • The classic grab for economic scrap handling
  • First choice for use in incinerator plants

Motor Dual Scoop Grab

  • First choice for any shipside crane
  • Optional dust guard for environmental protection in handling fine-grained bulk goods
  • We provide various lip designs tailored to the goods you handle


Motor Rectangular Grab

  • Especially been developed for unloading of trucks and waggons


Motor Timber Grab

  • Single trunks, bundled wood, hardwood or softwood - just one grip