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Portal Harbour Cranes

Portal Harbour Cranes

Modern, cost-effective and, at the same time, flexible cargo handling cranes on rails that can be integrated into existing or future transport chains and infrastructures

Portal Harbour Cranes

Gottwald Portal Harbour Cranes

Innovative Solutions on Rails

Modern, cost-effective and flexible, Terex Gottwald Portal Harbour Cranes on rails can be integrated into existing or future transport chains and infrastructures.

  • Based on proven Terex Gottwald Mobile Harbour Crane technology 
  • Designed for use on narrow quays equipped with rails which can also be used by trains, heavy goods vehicles and conveyor belts at the same time 
  • Ideal for use on special-purpose quays for heavy-duty, professional bulk handling.

Proven Gottwald Mobile Harbour Crane Technology on Rails

Gottwald Portal Harbour Cranes are an intelligent blend of Gottwald Mobile Harbour Crane technology and a rail-mounted portal instead of a rubber-tyred chassis. Above the slew ring, they have the same components as Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes. In other words, this crane type offers the same proven advantages, including:

  • Diesel-electric or fully electric drives for optimised efficiency
  • Designed to handle all forms of cargo (containers, bulk, general and project cargoes)
  • Rapid change of lifting gear.

Gottwald Portal Harbour Cranes can be designed in all available variants, which, understandably, includes 4-rope grab cranes for professional bulk handling.

Individual Portal Solutions

Individual portal solutions with track gauges of between 10 and 20 metres and travel clearances of between 4 and 8 metres are developed to meet the specific requirements of the terminal to enable unhindered movement of trains, trucks and conveyer belts under the crane, irrespective of whether it is an existing quay or a new construction.

Convenience on Rails

  • Modular construction, low overall weight, short delivery times and low specific investment costs in both the crane and the quay infrastructure combine to make Gottwald Portal Harbour Cranes the logical alternative in applications for which, in the past, gantry grab cranes and continuous ship unloaders have often been used.
  • Gottwald Portal Harbour Cranes are also the perfect choice as a state-of-the-art, flexible, and cost-effective replacement in terminals with outdated, less powerful, rail-mounted equipment.